Thanks for reading our course blog!

Our field school has come to an end, all too quickly. Some of the students have already departed for the airport, and the rest of us will go our separate ways by this evening. Along with all the challenges and the questions, it has been a tremendously rich learning experience for everyone. I think everyone will return to Canada a changed person, and with a much broader view of intercultural exchange and volunteerism. Many thanks to our fantastic partners at Himalayan Explorers for making it all possible: this couldn’t have happened without the hard work of Raja, Vaila, Vinay, Sachin, Kapil, Ishan, and Raju. Thanks also to our drivers for getting us safely to and from our many destinations, and to the guest speakers who gave us their time and thoughts about life in exile, Buddhism, women’s rights in India, ayurvedic medicine, human rights in Tibet, and the Indian educational system.

Thanks for reading our blog! Now the best thing that you can do is to support our students on their return by giving the time to listen about these experiences and asking good questions. Although the India Field School has now come to an end, the learning has only just begun!

Namaste and Tashi Delek!



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